Foster parenting can be a difficult and emotionally complex journey. It is also a unique way to touch the life of a child in a very positive manner. In partnership with our organization, foster parents that volunteer for us often find that the children they take into their homes become part of their extended family. Most of our foster parents find the experience to be something that they would repeat.

   The children that COTA brings to the U.S. for donated medical care and surgery are unable to obtain the required care in their home country. There are often extensive time and travel requirements for foster parents in order to assist a COTA child in regaining their health. COTA stateside patients are sent back to their biological parents as soon as they are physically sound. There are no funds available for costs involved in fostering for COTA.


* There are currently no children awaiting placement for foster care*


Host Parent Requirements:

1. Have been married for at least two years.
2. If both parents work, a source of qualified daycare must be available for the foster child.
3. Reside in KY or Ohio.
4. Have an adequate income to financially support the needs of a foster child for 6-12 months.
5. Be willing to fill out the forms available on request and to meet  requirements for foster parenting.